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From Ashes (LexTal Chronicles) (Volume 3) - Elise Faber

From Ashes is the story of Gabby and Mason. They are both jaded from unfortunate events that have happened in their lives. But when they are around each other they are drawn together like magnets.

They are both strong, and very stubborn. They are both scared. They are both powerful. If they get out of their own way and let themselves open up to the possibility of love it could be beautiful. Or they could self destruct...

Either way, this is another visit to the colorful, strong, and very sexy world of the LexTals. No one is complaining about that. :)

Faber's writing is beautiful, emotional, witty, and SO Hot! I love the fact that her writing is not only what you would expect from a romance novel, but has the incite and courage to attack some more sensitive topics with respect and understanding. You cannot go wrong reading one of Elise Faber's books! Cannot wait for the next one!